Stay hungry, stay foolish

  • Be curious about everything, experiment with a maximum of things.
  • Learn the subjects that interest you.
  • Don't be afraid of something because you don't understand it. Cherish the unknown.
  • Get to know the rules, so you can better work your way around them.
  • Read books, they are pure condensed knowledge.

Know your priorities

  • Optimize your time, can't be wasted.
  • Say no to activities that won't advance you and aren't fun.
  • Don't waste precious time on tasks that can be avoided.
  • If you have free time, always be thinking 'what could I do right now?'

Work hard, work smart

  • This one is no secret. To achieve meaningful things, you have to work your ass off. A few hours a day is the minimum.
  • People that are doing it, are doing it. People that are talking about it, are talking about it.
  • Put notifications on hold and just work.
  • Take breaks when you're stuck.
  • Don't think too much, build instead.

Be patient

  • It may take years before you reach your goal.
  • If you're consistent and really go for it, you'll win.
  • You can only connect the dots looking backward, not forward.
  • You will fail and feel like quitting. Learn from your mistakes, get back the fuck up and try again.

Don't forget others

  • Don't hesitate to ask for help. Everybody needs it at some point.
  • In the same way, help people when you can. Without expectations.
  • Don't be an asshole, you'll be rewarded for being nice.
  • Be humble

Have fun

  • Learn to enjoy the ups and the downs, it's part of the game.
  • Because you work hard doesn't mean you can't enjoy what life has to offer. Set aside a few hours a day to do really what you want; that is seing friends, partying hard, lurking in front of shows ...

Hey! I'm 18, launched (a startup studio) and countless side-projects while consulting and going through engineering studies.

I wrote this small list, mainly for myself :)

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