Memories vs Moments

Memories vs Moments

Sometimes memories feel better than how actual moments were.

I remember some parties where I was shitfaced - as the best ones.

Probably in a bad physical state at the time, not knowing wtf was happening.

It seems like we have two self, the remembering self and the present self.

And it's always a fight between the two.

So what's better?  Having awesome memories or living the moment to feel the best?

When we think about it, all we have are today's.

Yesterday was never here because it's always a day behind you.

Tomorrow never comes cause it's always a day ahead of you.

By this thinking all we have is now so why not make the best of it.

But nothing replaces memories. It can make us feel great or bad, looking at certains events from the past, and thus impact the today.

I agree 100% with spending money to create memories.

But the bastard effect is by thinking too much about how we will remember it (or others, cf insta), we effectively destroy the moment.

So when something good happen, let's stop thinking. Let's just breathe in, breathe out and appreciate the moment.

It's harder than it sounds but this way we can the best out of both.

All we got is memories
So what the fuck is time?
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